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Our mission is to preserve and enhance your wealth independently from general market movements. While traditional asset classes (bonds and equities) fail to preserve your wealth in market downturns, we focus on hedge funds that have low correlation to broad market movements. Due to the low correlation we can both preserve and even enhance your wealth when traditional portfolios lose money.
In our fund screening process, we seek out two main qualities. Firstly, we look for funds that operate in inefficient markets, enabling superior long-term returns. Secondly and most importantly, we look for funds with exceptional risk management as we believe that managing risk is key to long-term investment success. Additionally, we strive to avoid any negative returns so that your wealth can compound with a steady positive rate over time.
Thanks to the unique combination of structural market inefficiencies and exceptional risk management, our strategies achieve asymmetric returns. Meaning that our portfolios have tremendous upside potential whilst keeping the downside risk at a low.

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