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Dara Capital is an independent investment and wealth management firm originally founded in 2007 by partners, expert investment professionals, and reputable Swiss families. Dara Capital’s Swiss ownership provides the foundation for a long-term investment perspective and advocates our commitment to deliver highly personalized and independent services. Over the years, we have accumulated a level of depth that is distinct in the area of wealth preservation and global investment management.In 2010 Dara Capital US, Inc., a fully owned subsidiary registered as an investment advisor with the SEC, opened an office in New York City and moved to Miami, Florida in 2021. We focus on the objective of satisfying our client’s interests entirely. How to best protect your goals and carry out your vision. We work with you to preserve and enhance your financial future inside of a long-lasting relationship built on confidence and trust. Dara Capital is a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM), the leading industry association for independent asset managers in Switzerland.


We believe that sharing news and investment information and, more critically, helping you understand them, is one of our most important missions.


We strive to aid in managing and enhancing your wealth and the lives of the next generation. As an independent firm, we provide investment and wealth management services and focus solely on the best interest of each client. Dara Capital is privately owned with a conflict-free platform to tailor investment strategies that meet your unique goals and values. We help you develop an integrated long-term wealth plan. In addition, we engage experts from a broad network of experienced advisors to suit your specific needs. Your information is kept confidential, and we go to great lengths to safeguard your privacy.


Chairman, Chief Compliance Officer

Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Head Advisory Board

Investment Advisor

Client Services

Herbert Kronenberg

Partner and Senior Investment Manager

Jean-Claude Muntwyler

Senior Investment Manager

Zoe Mitlehner

Client Services

Monica Manente


Isabelle Kessler

HR and Accounting

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